Frequently asked questions

How Long do 11" Helium Balloons Last?

All our 11" Helium balloond are treated with a special gel that allows them to float for Up to 24h.

Do I need a deposit?

Yes! All orders require a 50% deposit sent through e-transfer to to secure your date and time. The remaining amount is to be paid on the day of. Your deposit is fully refundable up to 2 weeks before the event. All events canceld during the two week period will recieve a refund of 20% of their 50% deposit.

How long In advance should I book?

We recommend booking as early as possible. 2 weeks ahead the ideal, but we if space allows we can even book a afew days before the event. Please note that booking only a week before your event, means that we will not always have the exact colours or balloons you are looking for.

I have and Idea/ phot of a design I like can you recreate it?

Yes we can recreate ANY design. Just keep in mind that every balloon artist has their own style and the final product will never be exactly the same. Also note that photos of balloon designs are often edeited wich changes the original colours of the balloons. The colours are often sliightly different in real life

How long does a Garland set-up take?

Our Garland set-up are created from start to finish in your venue. Set-ups usually take up to 2 hours depending on the size and shape of your garland.


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